An Introduction

Christina Lilly

Rooted in sentiment, with a touch of nostalgia. Christina’s creativity is impulsive and honest. She uses all of these traits to define her style and build an identity that is truly hers.  She is the first one to welcome you in, and the last one to say goodbye. You will feel a sense of comfort when working together, that will only enrich the final outcome. Whether scouting locations or building the scene Christina is generally creating something to hold onto. Seeing things in new light, and staying inspired is how she has established her reputation over the past 2 decades in the world of photography.


Leading from the heart with his quick wit and a keen sense of humor, Jason is relatable to the core. He has this ability to create images that evoke true feeling. He rides a wave of originality and carries a fresh perspective to anything he does.

An artist, musician, comedian, and thinker. He approaches life with genuine care. These qualities allow a trust that can’t be matched.

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