Peniche to Lisbon

I had no idea what to expect for this trip. From Peniche to Lisbon, Jason and I went with an open schedule and we let the days take us where they would. Our best of friends who were lucky to grow up in this country showed us around. What’s better than that? I am usually the planner, but this time I was happy to allow them to take the lead. Also, I am usually the photographer. This time, Jason took the lead. Most of these images are his. I was happy to have my god daughter on my hip, instead of my camera. Which, if you know me then you know I totally had both. We packed our days with food, culture, walking, and exploring every alley way. I have over a thousand images, but I narrowed it down for this post. These are the highlights from our beautiful days in Portugal. Each day we walked to get our coffee and a pastry in the morning. We would check the surf, which determined the kind of day we would have. Maybe we would lounge on the beach, or maybe we would climb down the rocks to meet the water, or maybe we would explore an old castle. We let the ocean make those decisions for us. In Peniche, it was quiet and full of families. We ate fresh seafood, all kinds of bread, and potatoes. We drank green wine and walked the old streets until 2 in the morning. In Lisbon we kept up with the hustle and bustle of a city. We found the art district, which was young and alive with newness. We found art and artists to inspire us. Frank Stella and Pieter Hugo to name a few. We ate, by far, the best chocolate cake from a sweet little place called Landeau. We shopped antique books. We searched for souvenirs that would help us remember this place. I bought a line drawing from an old man on the street for 13 euros. It’s already framed in my guest room. At night we drove up a long dirt road and slept in a tiny room with the waves crashing outside our door. We spent time with our friends and their family and made some of my favorite memories to date. I look forward to exploring this country more, I am hoping this becomes a tradition for us. Thank you again to the Catarinos. XO

Photography related, these images are a combo of 3 cameras. Nikon D750, FujiX100S, and my old faithful Hasselblad.

Some shops I loved in Lisbon are linked here, if you ever plan to visit.
Clothing and Souvenirs, Le Comptoir
Kids, Mini By Luna
Pastel de Nata, Manteigaria
Art, Museu Colecao Berardo and/or
LX Factory