Travel through Lake Garda in Northern Italy.

Part I

With restrictions lifted and care and caution, we traveled back to Europe to hug our friends and feel inspired again. From Lago Di Garda, to le porte de Saint Tropez we packed into our rental car and took our time to soak in this trip. With the global pandemic we lost touch with so many. Birthdays and holidays were spent in solitude and my heart was heavy with loneliness. I needed to shake the depression, and get out and live a little. It’s essential to my existence to explore and create. Without it, I am nothing. This trip was meant to nurture my soul and my (fairly new) idea to sell my work as art. My goal was to come home with something new to share. Having been to these parts of the globe before I craved the magic, and I knew I would find it. I waited patiently until I did.  It wasn’t until the last night we were here that I felt the urge. We wanted to catch a sunset and see something new and unexpected in Northern Italy. We were short on time, but determined to make it happen.

Sirmione is a historical province in the region of Lombardy. The peninsula is known for it’s healing thermal baths. Poets and artists of all sorts sought out the area dating back to BC times, so naturally I had to see it. After a sweaty hike, and anxiety over the dropping sun, my eyes grew wide with excitement! We walked  down and around through a maze of ancient olive trees. The sky was bright blue and the clouds sat perfectly around the tops of their silvery leaves. As we kept on the path, we finally came upon those huge white stones peeking up through the water! I could not grab my camera fast enough! We stayed until it was dark and then hiked our way back to our car.

It was the perfect grand finale.

The end result of this trip, was our hearts felt a little more full, our itch to travel had been scratched, we appreciate sleeping in our own bed again, and I have some new images to release out into the world.

 “Sirmione for the Heart”




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