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christina lilly

While studying the ins and outs of photography at Mason Gross School of the Arts, my future came into clear focus.  The beauty of this craft is seeing the light. Whether using film or digital format it’s always about finding that perfect light and using it to emphasize your subjects.

There came a point in my career where my dreams began to take shape into a reality. It was no longer enough to shoot alongside an architectural photographer learning attention to detail.  It was no longer enough to design in Manhattan’s intense fashion world learning strong work ethic.

At the end of the day, I wanted to work for myself and for people who allow me to bring their ideas to life, and to be above all else, creative.

Together with my husband and an abundance of lovable beasts, I spend my days in a colonial home by the water.  Though, the itch to explore is constant on my skin.  Adventure and new experience is all that I need to  scratch and inspire.  I live to photograph.

Chase the light.
Create beauty.
Capture the truth.

. . . and never take for granted all things worth remembering.

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